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WPRFU News > WPRFU News Update 10th February

WPRFU News Update 10th February

This week the WPRFU Club Rugby department held forum meetings with all the clubs ahead of the start of the WP Club Rugby season.
On the agenda was the fixture breakdown for 2017 as well as the various requirements for every club.

The meetings were held at the Sports Science auditorium and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Each year the club rugby fixture list throws out various challenges but the WPRFU Club Rugby department has done great work in accommodating every club for the upcoming season.

In Referee’s news, there is a Level 1 course taking place at Brackenfell Primary School on Saturday 11th February. This will be followed by a compulsory referees training camp on the 18th February. An exciting addition to the referees calendar is the Schools Referees course which takes place on the 24th and 25th of February. For more info contact

In Women’s Rugby news, the WPRFU Women’s Rugby department has spent the last fortnight recruiting girls in the Athlone, Mitchell’s Plein, and Khayalitsha areas to be part of the High Performance Squad. This Saturday at City Park there will be further testing and a practice for the WP U16 and WP U18 girl’s squads.

In Coaching news, this Friday there is a World Rugby Level 1 Course taking place at DHL Newlands. The level 2 course will take place on the 17th and 18th of February at DHL Newlands and is a requirement for all coaches.

Club-wise, there are several friendlies on the go for the month of February. For more information on how to book a friendly contact

The DHL Stormers will be in action at DHL Newlands for the first time in 2017 when they face the Emirates Lions in a pre-season friendly which kicks off at 15h00 on Saturday 11th February.

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